Students react to UC game being played at Paul Brown Stadium

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - University of Cincinnati Athletic Department officials says ticket sales for Saturday's game could break the current record for a home conference game.

They say the Bearcat ticket window stayed busy Friday despite the campus being closed for the holiday.

"There's a lot of excitement on campus," said Doug Mosely, athletic department spokesperson, "I know our team is sky high for this game."

Not all students are pumped to be making the trek to Paul Brown Stadium.

"I hate it," said Lauren Lewey, UC senior, "It's awful. You have to find a bus to get down there, transportation."

The homecoming game at the Bengal's stadium left a bad impression on Lewey.

"I understand one or two games a year that are supper big games, but the thing that burnt me the most was homecoming there," Lewey said. "It wasn't homecoming and as a senior I was like 'Really? You're kind of killing my senior homecoming'."

"The crowd was a little out of it because it's a big stadium and there weren't that many people," said James Benchek, freshman.

Even the team was disappointed in the turnout.

"We need to get more people here to support this football team," said Butch Jones, UC Head Coach.

"You take that stuff personal when a lot of people don't show up," said Zach Collaros, UC quarterback.

Students say they would rather take the smaller stadium with more spirit.

"It's more fun when the stadium is completely packed," Lewey said. "The feeling in Nippert is so much different than the feeling in Paul Brown."

"I like the crowd better at Nippert because it seems like it's a better atmosphere," Benchek said.

"I think it is different," Mosely said. "Nippert stadium is so tight you're right on top of each other and everything where as even though we're going to put more people tomorrow in Paul Brown Stadium than we would be able to here in Nippert we're not going to fill the stadium up. We understand that."

Mosely argues though that Paul Brown gives more people a chance to experience UC football.

"It really comes down to: are you handling more fans in the bigger stadium? ...The pro stadium, downtown, bigger venue and we have passed that acid test," Mosely said. "We've distributed far more tickets that we would have here at Nippert stadium."

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