Two mothers deliver babies at 11:11 am on 11-11-11

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Lucas Thomas Nieman is the first child born at 11:11AM on 11-11-11 to Tara and Tom Nieman of Bridgetown.  Lucas wasn't due until Thanksgiving, but when Tara went into labor the Nieman's knew Lucas wasn't going to wait.

While Tara was giving birth at Christ Hospital Faith and Damien Comen were having a baby girl, Charlotte Lucy right down the hall.  Faith delivered by caesarian and says, "I'm glad she's here safe and sound and I'm glad it worked out that we were able to."

Faith planned the date of her delivery, but Tara's delivery was predicted by her sister Ashley Greber.

"For about six months I've been saying she's going to have this baby on 11-11-11 even though her due date's not until thanksgiving, but I just knew it would be 11-11-11," she said.

Both Faith and Damien are nurses, but child birth can still be hard on a father's nerves.  Damien says, "I think I was more anxious than nervous. the most important thing we just wanted to make sure everything was safe."

Tara says her husband Tom was more nervous than she was.

"When my labor started I knew I had plenty of time. There was no mad rush and of course he was concerned, 'we got to go now, we got to no now...I don't understand why we're waiting.' I said Tom we're not ready yet I got to get my game face on."

Tom says he's feeling indescribable joy. "Amazing....its the most wonderful feeling I've ever had."

Damien says he just wanted a smooth delivery. "I just wanted her to be here safe...I really didn't care about the date at all, but it is exciting that it is today...not to many people can say or claim that."

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