Turn your tech trash into cash

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Did you know that your electronic trash will most likely be someone else's treasure?

Working or not, old or new, it doesn't matter. Your old flip phone or bulky computer monitor could be more valuable than you think.

Laptops, desktops and even computer parts, they all have value at Laptop World.

"We want people to bring their older computers in, wether they are working or not, even it the screen is cracked or the laptop has been dropped. There are parts in it that are worth money," said Eric Wellman at Laptop World.

Parts like DC jacks, motherboards and monitor screens. There is value even if you think its worthless.

"They just assume its junk or garbage or whatever," said Wellman.

But its not. Wellman says he's handed out $1,000 for a laptop.

"People come to us all the time," said Wellman. "They'll bring two, three, four, five or six laptops in that they've had over the years, sometimes they'll walk away with a whole new laptop."

But it's not just computers.

Your old phone, PDAs and a host of other old electronic gadgets are worth something.

The Internet is another way to get cash for your trash. Websites like Ebay, Amazon and Gazelle all are high traffic sites for sale and trade ins.

And don't forget your television.

"These are tubes that need to be recycled, that didn't meet the criteria," said Ferris Segovia with Monitex. "We separate glass made up of two glasses. Glass gets separated so it becomes prepared material for the manufacturer."

The market value is constantly changing as newer models are released along with supply and demand.

But one thing is for sure, your old computer with trash written all over it will can actually earn you some money.

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