Police: Men gave teen K2 and bath salts, hid her in closet

Richard Adams (Source: Butler County Jail)
Richard Adams (Source: Butler County Jail)
Douglas Goins (Source: Butler County Jail)
Douglas Goins (Source: Butler County Jail)

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - FAIRFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) -- Two people have been arrested after police say they gave a 17-year-old girl K2 and bath salts, then hid her in a closet for about 12 hours.

The uncle of the 17-year-old victim says he knew his niece was in trouble when he went looking for her at the shop and couldn't find her.
"I'm just happy she's home, and I'm just happy that the people who put her in danger are behind bars, and I hope that the legal system does all them can to keep them behind bars," said Joey Holland the victim's uncle.
The Fairfield Township Police department and the Butler County Undercover Regional Narcotic Unit (BURN) executed a search warrant on Friday at Down on Main on Eureka Drive. Down on Main sells synthetic marijuana, incense, glass pipes, water bongs and previously sold K2 and bath salts, which were banned last month.

Fairfield Township police received a series of complaints about the business, including the latest on Thursday, November 10.

"I know people that know people that go into the shop often and it's just not a great place -- it takes a pretty sick person to put a 17-year-old girl in a closet for 12 hours, especially when the cops are in front," Holland said

At around 10:20 a.m. police say a 17 year-old female was taken to the shop by her boyfriend, Douglas Goins, 19, who is an employee there.  Also present was the owner, Richard Adams, 66.

According to the complaint, the juvenile was provided illegal bath salts and K2, became very dizzy, and was pushed into a closet and hidden when her mother arrived at the shop looking for her.  Having passed out, the female remained in the closet for approximately 12 hours until a third party came to the shop around 11 p.m. and found her lying in a laundry basket in the closet.

Investigators say, the men claimed she wasn't there even after police arrived.

"The owner had shut the closet door and also put a mattress over the door, kind of concealing it, so the officers doing a general walk-through didn't, check every location," said Sgt. Doug Lanier of the Fairfield Twp. Police Dept.

Police say hours later,  a customer who frequents the shop finally found the teen girl in the closet.

"He had opened the closet door and that's when he found the juvenile in the closet, she was actually laying in a laundry basket, what he had done his picked her up and the owner said 'get her out of here, get her out of here,' and he presumed to do that," Lanier said.

The mother, having watched the business throughout the day, observed a male subject carrying her daughter out of the business and put her in a vehicle.  The mother confronted the individual and picked up her daughter at that time.  The third party's reported intentions were to ascertain where the juvenile lived and get her home.

"I'm just relived that we got her back, it was definitely a blessing that we came and stayed as long as we did," Holland said.

Further investigation was conducted and the search warrant was executed the next day.  

Adams is charged with kidnapping, obstructing official business, corrupting another with drugs and endangering children. Goins is charged with obstructing official business, corrupting another with drugs and endangering children.

Additional charges are pending.

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