One woman opens a new all-natural pet food store

A Madeira business woman encouraged Tri-State families to adopt a pet and feed them all-natural pet food.

Elizabeth Mayer, a University of Cincinnati and Walnut Hills High School alumni, held an Adopt-A-Thon at her company, "Pet Wants North" store.

The company she created provides all-natural dog and cat food to pet owners made in Ohio.

"Pet owners are coming to understand that most pet food is very low in quality," said Mayer, "This awareness grew with the recent recall of pet foods with contaminated ingredients from China.  The Pet Wants' line of Ohio-made pet foods, by contrast, has none of the junk that's in most pet food.  It's all-natural, with no animal by-products or fillers, and is made fresh each month."

Mayer built up her company by selling her pet food at local farmers markets. Her company has an emphasis on everything local.

"The content of our homemade treats comes from local butchers; the designers of my signs and website are local; we practice what we preach," said Mayer

Her company features pet themed works of art done by local artists.

Mayer, who donates much of her free time to animal rescue, is using her company as a platform to promote animal health and adoption.

Another fixture is her store's mascot, her own dog Harry. She says that customers are encouraged to bring their pets to the store.

If you want more information on this company you can go to their website.

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