Threat of severe weather opens Butler County EOC

It's mid-November, a rare time to talk about the threat of tornados.

"We were totally caught by surprise this morning when we came in," said Jeff Galloway, Butler County Emergency Management Director. "We knew there was going to be a rain event but apparently the atmosphere had gotten more unstable."

Unstable enough to possibly cause hail, straight line winds and possible tornados. The threat caused Butler County to activate it's emergency operation's center, to monitor the severe weather. An unusual step this late in the year.

"This week and next is winter weather awareness week, so here we are in that week and we're getting a tornado watch," said Galloway. "It's very unusual for this time of year."

Galloway says the line of storms looks eerily similar to the line that produced the last tornado in Butler County.

"The F-1 tornado we had in Liberty Township back in May was actually spun off an identical type of front that came through where we weren't even on a tornado watch or warning," said Galloway. "We were under a severe weather watch."

Galloway says with the unpredictability of severe weather, it is best to be prepared. Always listen for sirens and arm your home with a weather radio.

"You can't let your guard down, you have to pay attention to what is going on, whether you watch the news, print or something to stay alert on this weather because next week we could get an ice storm, you never know here," said Galloway.

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