Local Problem Gets National Attention

Twice we've told you about Queen City Waterproofing, and it's long history of shoddy work. Lawsuits. And unhappy customers.

Well now - this company's sorry reputation is known coast-to-coast. The Tri-State business was featured on FOX TV's Texas Justice. The owner, David Hancock, and his two sons, represented the defendants. Disgruntled customer Trish Williamson was suing the company for more than $4,000.

Over the past year - Queen City Waterproofing has been sued at least nine times. In most of those cases, the plaintiffs won. The problem was collecting the money.

So when Texas Justice called Patricia offered to pay all expenses to Texas, where the show is filmed, plus the judgement if she won, she agreed to be on the show.

"This was absolutely the only way to get my money back." she told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Besides hearing testimony from two unhappy customers and the defendants, Judge Larry Joe Doherty viewed one of Sussi's reports. In the end, it helped sink Queen City Waterproofing.

"You're not going to make me believe this cock and bull story," Judge Doherty told the defendants. "Judgement approved!"

Patricia - a nurse at Children's Hospital - got justice on national TV! To the tune of $4,239 bucks. She says she'll use the money to pay off the loan she used to pay Queen City Waterproofing.

Since our story aired, Tri-State businesses have stepped forward and offered to help Patricia. Stay tuned.