Volunteers work to preserve Liberty Twp. park after tree damage from beavers

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A section of Cherokee Park in Liberty Township has been overrun by beavers, but residents are being proactive, before the problem gets worse.

"They're pretty ferocious," said Park Volunteer Jim Hartman. "They just gnaw at it with their teeth and take it straight down,  there's probably 15 to 18 trees that they have taken down in this area."
Hartman lives right on Cherokee Park and noticed the problem nearly four weeks ago.
You can see where they gnaw the bark right off the tree, and then they'll probably come back and finish the rest of that, and haul it down to the creek, and what they're trying to do is create a pond here on the creek for themselves," Hartman said.
He says nearly 50 trees have been destroyed by what they believe is a family of four beavers that came up through the nearby Gregory Creek.
"We knew that if we didn't do something, that with the trees gone, the banks would be eroded and it would wash the mud away, and it would cause continuous flooding problems for our Township," Hartman said.
Hartman and other volunteers have wrapped about 150 trees with chicken wire.
"We put it around each tree down here to try and protect them, and so far it seems to be working," Hartman said.
Officials from the Township didn't want to go on camera, but say they are looking into things to ensure the safety and security of their residents and their parks.

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