Camp out for magnet school enrollment comes to close

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati parents braved the cold, rain and more for ten days, all to enroll their kids in one of Cincinnati Public Schools' magnet schools, Fairview-Clifton German Language School.

Students must live within the areas of the school to attend, and parents must go to the school to put in an application. The last two nights have been the worst as rain blanketed the tri-state, sending these parents searching for cover. But every one of them will say its been worth it.

"This is something that they really want - an opportunity and a chance for their kids to maybe be more successful in life," said Patrick Hazelwood who is saving a place at the front of the line for his girlfriend. "Its absolutely important. I'd do it again next week."

There are only about 34 spots available at Fairview-Clifton German language school and most parents prefer first come first served over a lottery saying this format brings out the most dedicated parents.

"We've been working and taking shifts and sleeping and going to work, going home showering, but we were willing to do whatever we needed to do," said parent Lisa Benson.

Registration began one minute after midnight Wednesday.

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