Rev. Jesse Jackson joins postal employees rallying over possible job cuts

QUEENSGATE, OH (FOX19) - Postal employees are rallying in Queensgate on Wednesday, protesting possible job cuts.

Unions were notified in September that the postal service would be conducting a feasibility study for possible consolidation.

The Cincinnati processing and distribution center along with 36 other locations are currently in the middle of those studies.

The picketers were also joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is in town visiting Occupy Cincinnati protestors.

The Cincinnati union says it received notice from management identifying the potential reassignment of 1,165 employees, including 507 clerks, 385 mail carriers, 209 maintenance employees, and 64 MVS employees.

Due to those reassignments, Cincinnati's mail will be shipped to Indianapolis, Columbus and Louisville, sorted and then distributed.

A final determination of reassignments and cuts isn't expected until December when the study is complete.

The picketing is taking place outside the main post office on Dalton Street.

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