Father of stabbing victim speaks out

Brad Lane (Source: Lane Family)
Brad Lane (Source: Lane Family)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Burying your own child is probably the hardest thing for a parent to do, but that's exactly what Rick Lane is doing.

He says his son's death is the inevitable consequence of years of drug use.

"In reality all this had to do with was $50....my son's life was only worth $50," he said.

Rick Lane's son Brad died Monday night after being stabbed during a fight over drugs. Lane says Brad began using pain killers after suffering an injury after high school.

"He was prescribed opiate pain reliever, and after that he always pursued those types of drugs. When it gets to the point where they can't afford to pay for the percocets or the oxycodones that are in your medicine cabinet, then what they do is they go to heroin because its so much cheaper, it's just as good, it does the job and that's how most of these kids get hooked."

Lane says his son tried drug treatment without success.

"Over the years we sought out programs, counselors, help, jail...everything under the sun...And this is how it ended."

On the other side of the story, Wilkes Ellsworth, the attorney for Joseph Daniel who is charged with manslaughter in Brad's death, says his client was defending himself.

"This is actually a case of self defense. My client was attacked by the deceased in this case. The deceased had the knife, [and] a fight ensued."

Police say Daniel, 26, was trying to buy pills from Brad Lane when things got out of hand.  Joseph is described as a hard worker with a new born baby and a fiance at home. He also may have a drug issue just like Brad Lane.

Brad's father says "The only issue my son had was probably the biggest problem in our society today with our young people...drugs." He says "Society needs to come together to address the drug problem."

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