Will Jesse Jackson's visit impact Occupy Cincinnati?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - His influence in 2011 has been questioned, as has his relevance to today's social movements, but Rev. Jesse Jackson still has the ability to captivate an audience, and he did just that again Wednesday afternoon in Cincinnati's Piatt Park.

Jackson compared what the Occupy movement is doing, to what the Civil Rights movement did more than 50 years ago.

"We need each other, in the hull, of this ship, we all look, amazingly similar. There's no lights down here. We all look amazingly similar. In this hull, we fight, for the light. We fight for jobs.  We fight for health care and we're determined we're not going away. We're not going away. Move our tents. But don't move our spirit," he said.

Less than 100 people turned out to hear the civil rights leader speak.  Those who were there heard the Reverend's rousing prodding for the group to go on with its mission of bringing awareness to what they see as economic injustice across the country.

"We stand in the great tradition of Dr King's quest for justice. In January 1968 he organized an occupation movement.  There was too much wealth in too few hands. Too much poverty. Too much war.  He knew that when plants close and jobs leave, we all look alike in the dark.  The issue is not so much about black and white as it is wrong and right, and dark and light."

Jackson also repeatedly told the crowd that non-violence is essential to a movement's success.

The Reverend was in town for a conference unrelated to the Occupy movement.  He contacted a local Occupy leader and asked to speak to the group both Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

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