More women take the stand to testify against Andre Davis

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Andre Davis trial continued Wednesday as the prosecution brought eight women to the stand one-by-one to testify about their sexual relationships with Davis.

After asking each woman to recount their sexual encounters with Davis, the prosecution asked the women what their reactions were when they heard Davis had tested positive for HIV.

"I was scared," one woman said.

"I started crying," another woman recounted. "Then I called my mom."

"I was definitely shocked … and upset," said the fourth witness of the day.

"And why were you angry?" questioned prosecuting attorney Amy Tranter.

"Because I just felt that I had a right to know," answered the witness.

"Had a right to know what?"Tranter asked.

"That he was HIV positive," the witness responded.

Each woman denied ever being told by Davis that he had tested positive for HIV prior to engaging in a sex act.

One witness says he even denied having any sexually transmitted disease when the topic came up.

"He was like 'I'm clean, I've been tested so if we end up engaging in any sexual [act] we don't have to worry about using anything'," one woman stated while on the stand.

Some of the women say they met Davis through work, others through social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, or MocoSpace, and still others through mutual friends.

All of the women admitted to having unprotected sex with Davis on at least one occasion.

On the other side of the courtroom, the defense brought up the women's own responsibility in practicing safe sex.

In each case the defense asked the witnesses if they had ever taken part in a health class that included sex education.

"Did you take proper precautions to make sure for example condoms were being used?" defense attorney Greg Cohen questioned.

"Sometimes," one witness answered.

The defense also made reference to the risky nature of some of the sexual relationships.

"In your statement to law enforcement you indicated there were multiple occasions where there were multiple partners. Is that correct?" Cohen asked.

"Yes," one woman responded.

As for how the women found out about Davis' HIV status, some say they heard about it on TV or the Internet, others through friends, and a few from copies of the test results given to them by the mother of Davis' children.

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