Ohio welfare roundup dates back 25 years

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thousands of Ohio welfare recipients who were paid too much are being informed that the state wants the money back.

The Columbus Dispatch reports most of the overpayments more than 10 years ago resulted from human error. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services estimates it has sent out 14,000 notices regarding about $18 million in welfare money overpaid before 2001. Some cases go back way. An Athens County man says he was asked to repay $248 the state says he received in error in 1985.

"We've gotten calls from people who are really surprised and their reaction is I don't know how to prove that I've already paid this off because I don't have the paperwork anymore," said Regina Campbell with The Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. "If people are having trouble getting that information, they should be contacting their bank, they should be contacting the Department of Taxation - all the different places where they should be able to get information to prove that they paid the debt."

Ohio once had a 10-year cutoff for going after overpayments but changed the policy this year following a change at the federal level.

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