Butler County leaders discuss new "party permit" policy

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - Parties and college go hand-in hand for many students at Miami University, but Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser says these parties are getting out of hand.

"They have to realize that it's not cool to get so drunk that you end up in an emergency room in a hospital," said Gmoser.

Gmoser says he's committed to reduce underage drinking in communities that have a large presence of adults under the age of 21, like Oxford.

"There is no such thing as drinking responsibly by someone under the age of 21," said Gmoser

GMOSer and former city of Oxford Police Chief Steven Schwein have worked on a new policy that would force anyone having a party with alcohol and with 10 or more people To apply for a "party permit".

"There might be more responsibility taken by the host of these parties and it would give law enforcement the opportunity to some way manage this problem," said Gmoser

Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey agrees this type of policy would be effective in Oxford, but unnecessary in Fairfield. He says possible legislation like this needs to be approached carefully.

"When you start making general laws across the state of Ohio to remedy a particular situation, it can have adverse consequences," said Dickey.

Many students at Miami University are against such permit policy.

"I think that is crazy, I can't imagine something like that being very successful if they did put it into effect," said Courtney Sullivan, senior.

"College students everywhere find a way to party and drink so I don't think this type of permit would inhibit underage drinking," said Emily Morrison, senior.

Gmoser says he hopes everyone in Oxford, no matter what age, would comply with the "permit" policy because it's being used to treat an underage drinking problem.

Right now the policy is just an idea, and is being discussed with local and state lawmakers.

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