Northside woman is released from Alabama jail after protesting

MONTGOMERY, AL (FOX19) - A Northside woman who traveled to Alabama to protest against the state's immigration law is out of jail.

All 13 people, including Alma Diaz, were released Thursday afternoon from the city jail and left out the front door of the Montgomery Police Department chanting "undocumented, unafraid."

Montgomery attorney Mike Winter says federal immigration officials have not placed a hold on his clients.

Diaz, 30, is a former Cincinnati State student and mother of a five year old girl she had in the U.S.

Diaz's husband Zach Fisher spoke with FOX19 about her decision to come out as an illegal immigrant and put herself in the center of battle in Alabama.

"We decided as a family to discard the fear and live openly, declare her status as undocumented and unafraid," says Fisher.

Diaz met Fisher at the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center where she often consulted and helped immigrants fight for wage rights.

Married just two months, the newlyweds made the decision for Diaz to go to Alabama as a family and say all families need to take the same step.

"I'm asking you guys to come out of the shadows and stop being afraid," says Diaz.

Diaz is now trying to find a way home to Cincinnati and is not under any hold from Immigration Customs Enforcement, ICE.

"They [ICE] are going to follow Obama's memo of understanding that they're not supposed to deport anyone that does not have a criminal offense," says Fisher.

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