Police officers new schedule boosts morale and improves response times

PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - A handful of Cincinnati police officers are on a new schedule and loving every minute of it.

Police Chief James Craig introduced the 4-10's pilot program back in September for District 3 and District 5.

On October 30th, officers who once worked six eight hour days in a row then took two off started working four 10 hour days followed by four days off, and five 10 hour days followed by three days off, all part of a rotating six week schedule.

Many officers in District 3 are happy with the new schedule including patrol officer Kyle Strunk.

"With the stressful things that we encounter during this job, six days in a row was very taxing on your mind," says Strunk.

Strunk works second shift and covers the Price Hill and Fairmount neighborhoods. He says the extra time off is spent with his family which helps him relax and return to work less stressed.

"Everybody seems more refreshed, it's a happier work environment," says Strunk.

A happier work environment District 3 Supervisor Sgt. Mark Hunley is noticing. Hunley says morale is high and the longer 10 hour shifts create a nice overlap for added coverage.

"Helps just in terms of having the appropriate number of officers out on the street to help get the job done," says Hunley.

And with more officers on the streets Strunk says the quality of service is improving.

"At any given time during the day, there's more officers available for calls for service, people aren't having to wait as long, we're able to get to people and help them quicker," says Strunk.

So are there any negative? FOX19 did not come across a single officer in District 3 against the schedule change.

"I've not heard one complaint or drawback regarding the 10 hour shift, it's all been positive and that's a good thing," says Hunley.

"I haven't heard one officer say they want the old schedule back. I'd be shocked to hear it actually," says Strunk.

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