OTR kicks off shop local campaign

Black Friday is less than a week away which is why local merchants are making a big push to get shoppers to stay away from the mall and buy local.

The Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce wants Cincinnatians to kick-off the holiday season by shopping at it's more than 60 unique, locally owned businesses.

Saturday started Cincinnati Unchained, an effort to attract more shoppers by offering discounts and special promotions during the holiday season.

New business owner Duru Armagan opened Sloane Boutique on Tuesday, she supports not only shopping local but features local designers from Cincinnati.

"So far business has been great. Everyone has been so nice and so excited about the store, I think it's the first time Cincinnati has had a clothing boutique like this," says Armagan.

MiCA 12/v co-owner Mike Deininger hopes more people will spend their holiday cash and support local stores because of the benefits it brings to the city.

"When people shop locally their money stays in the neighborhood, helps their local economy," says Deininger.

Local shopper Kate Wood says she feels more comfortable spending her time and money in OTR.

"I think it's gotten so much better, I feel safer, it's a more fun place to be. I really like coming down here more now than ever," says Wood.

"Over-the-Rhine's been doing better, I'm really glad we're here in this neighborhood, it's definitely on an upswing," says Deininger.

An upswing OTR businesses are hoping will keep people shopping and attract new customers to help boost the local economy.

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