Quotes: John Smale on business, and other P&G CEO's on Smale

Photo Courtesy of P&G
Photo Courtesy of P&G

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - From Procter and Gamble, here is a list of quotes about business by the late John Smale, and quotes from later CEO's about him:

John G. Smale


"All institutions, if they're worth anything, have a soul.  They have a character that encourages people to really dedicate a working life to them and to the fortunes of the Company."

"Doing the right thing: This heritage of character is our compass, keeping us on course as we grow and change and evolve."

"There are some important things that haven't changed during the course of this company's life and that is the basic character of this institution. Our values. The things that reflect our basic principles.  Doing the right thing for our consumers, for employees, for our customers and for stakeholders.  And winning. Winning in the marketplace behind the game-changing innovation.  These are the things that make P&G a great company. And these are the principles that will last, in my judgment, as long as this company lasts through the ages." (November 2010 -dedication of the John G. Smale Auditorium)


"This is, indeed, an innovative Company. The products that represent the foundation of this Company's profitability today are products that were truly innovative when they were introduced. But it isn't only innovative products that are characteristic of this Company; it's innovation in other areas as well. It's Ma Perkins on radio in 1931.  It's being the first Company to use color in print advertisements. The first to sell directly to retailers. The first to use the brand management system…Innovation must be as much and more a part of our future as it has been of our past."


"Excellence. That expresses what we should expect of ourselves and of our fellow employees.  We ought to be the best at what we do. We all have an obligation to one another to try to do our very best, to be able to look at a job performed and say, that was done to a standard of excellence."


"We care about the world around us. It isn't enough to stay in business and be profitable. We believe we have a responsibility to society to use our resources, our money, and our people, and our energies for the long term benefit of the society, as well as the Company."

CEO contemporaries on John G. Smale

"I will remember John most for his character, how he represented the soul of the Company: Purpose-inspired, caring yet demanding, principled, and humble."

Bob McDonald, P&G Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

"More than any other P&G leader I know, John always tried to make sure the longer-term health of the institution was taken into consideration."

A.G. Lafley, CEO 2000 - 2009

"John brought together wisdom and courage, concern for people, and commitment to the long term in a manner I've never seen exceeded.  He was quite simply the most effective executive I've ever known."

John E. Pepper, CEO 1995 - 1999

"John's recognition that we could provide better, more innovative products than were currently available in other countries around the world was key in enabling P&G to become a truly global company."

Durk Jager, CEO 1999 - 2000

"The one thing that distinguishes John's career as the leader of our Company has been his remarkable record as an agent for change."

Ed Artzt, CEO 1990 – 1995

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