Gov. Kasich answers tough questions about Issue 2 defeat

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Announcing the expanding of the Intelligrated Headquarters in Mason, it was the first time Gov. Kasich has spoken in the Tri-state since the failure of Issue 2. FOX19 wanted to take the opportunity to ask the governor three tough questions about Issue 2's defeat.

The first question was: What is your plan to move forward following the defeat of Issue 2? We also intended to ask the governor if Issue 2 dragged down the Republican Party, and if he would have done anything differently; but we didn't get that far, because the governor was adamant that Issue 2 is in the past, and he's moving forward.

"We haven't missed a beat, you win some you lose some, that's okay, I had all I had to say about that on election night," Kasich said.

The governor made it clear he didn't want to linger on the failure of the collective bargaining legislation, that he spent nearly all of this first months in office defending.
"Right now, I still think about and reflect on that election, and right now I really don't have anymore to say about that," Kasich said.
Kasich said his focus is now in a different direction.
"I'm now focused on a direction that gets us over the next month, or so, more jobs announcements, more success, and if local governments want some tools to help them, we're ready willing and able to provide them," Kasich said.
Kasich said there's no  plans for new legislation on collective bargaining and says his main goal is job creation.
"It's now on to these issues that we've been working on all along, weather it's taking a look at whether we can have more infrastructure by leasing the turnpike, more degreed people," Kasich said.

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