Plans go forward on Eastern Corridor; commuter rail gets closer to reality

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Plans are rolling for a rail system that would ease traffic congestion on the city's east side, even though one village in its path says it is absolutely opposed to it.

On Monday, the Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District (TID) met with an update on how the project is progressing.

They discussed the Eastern Corridor Project, which would include a 17-mile long commuter rail line that would run between downtown Cincinnati's transit station and Milford.  It also calls for moving Route 32 that runs right through the Village of Newtown.  The Mayor, Curt Cosby, told FOX19 their position has not changed.  They are opposed to any plan that he says would devastate the businesses in Newtown.

But with $76 million in funding already secured, the project is going forward.  Engineer Steven Bergman is working on the project.  He said projections are that 6000 people per day could use the rail system, and if stations are strategically placed along the route, that number could go higher.

"It runs through 2 counties and 17 political jurisdictions from downtown Cincinnati east out to Clermont County," said Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune, chair of the TID. "It is designed to mitigate traffic congestion, it's designed to improve air quality, it will provide a better way for people to get from point A to point B."

A segment from the Boathouse on the riverfront to the downtown transit center would need to be completed.  Work has already been done, Portune says, to secure right of way, as well as funding for the track.

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