Tie One On For Safety Campaign

By Chris Tevis -email

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19)  - In connection with the twenty-fifth anniversary of its Tie One On For Safety campaign, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the Hamilton County OVI Task Force are kicking off the 2011 holiday crackdown as a reminder for all Hamilton County residents to Tie One On For Safety.  MADD's annual Tie One On For Safety campaign calls for motorists to display a red ribbon on their cars in support of law enforcement crackdown efforts and as a pledge to drive safe and sober.

The ribbon symbolizes a pledge to drive safe and sober over the holiday season and serves as a reminder to other motorists who see the ribbon to do the same.  We also ask the public to visibly display a MADD red ribbon on their vehicles to demonstrate support for law enforcement and their efforts to take impaired drivers off of our roads.

The Hamilton County OVI Task Force will conduct several saturation patrols throughout the holidays.  These patrols focus on apprehending alcohol- or drug-impaired drivers and seat belt violations.  The Task Force has operated one OVI checkpoint this month and will conduct another in December, with the goal of preventing persons from operating vehicles while impaired.  The Hamilton County OVI Task Force is comprised of 24 Hamilton County police agencies and is funded by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS).  The public is invited to follow the Hamilton County OVI Task Force on Facebook www.facebook.com/HCOVITF or Twitter www.twitter.com/HCOVITF.

In Ohio last year, 431 people were killed in 393 alcohol-related crashes, with 41 of those deaths occurring between Thanksgiving and New Years.

¡Nationally, one person is killed approximately every 50 minutes by a driver with a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of .08 or higher.

¡One in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime.

¡Drunk driving costs American society more than $132 billion annually.

¡In 2009, 10,839 people were killed and more than 350,000 were injured in crashes that involved a driver with a BAC at or above .08.

MADD's Tie One On For Safety red ribbons at available at MADD Southwestern Ohio, 877-721-MADD (6233) or 513-769-6800.  For more information, visit www.madd.org.