Symmes Township community gives families Thanksgiving dinner

SYMMES TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday night was the 16th annual basket brigade in Symmes Township. It's become a tradition in the community and each year helps dozens of families in need serve their families a Thanksgiving meal.

"I've had a son who has had heart surgery, and after he had the successful heart surgery, we wanted to give back to society," said Angelique Davidson, who started the "Basket Brigade" 16-years ago. "We found that there is a lot of needy people right in our backyard."

Milk, stuffing, vegetables, bread, pies and of course the turkey are all donated and put into baskets. This year the program is helping 55 families.

"We've done up to 107, this year is a little light for us but some years it is heavy and some years it is light, but the people that give match up with the people that need," said Davidson.

More than 50 volunteers of all ages did their part to help.

"It's really nice to see how much you can help people just by coming over and give a few things," said Joelle Davidson.

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