Big party night in Cheviot entertainment district

CHEVIOT, OH (FOX19) - Cheviot police say both uniform and plain clothes officers were keeping a close watch Wednesday night as the official kickoff party to the holidays got underway.

"The west side's the best side and we're going to have a great crowd tonight," said Patti Horton, a bartender at 2nd St. Saloon on Harrison Avenue.

A total of 13 bars line a three block area along Harrison Avenue in Cheviot and the owners arrived early to get ready for one of their most important revenue making days of the year.

"It is a special night and traditionally its been one of the biggest nights in the bar industry. And we enjoy it," said Denise List, owner of Smokin' Monkey.

Staying safe and drinking responsibly is also a concern. Sam Keller, Cheviot mayor and owner of Keller's Cheviot Cafe, says they city's police and fire department are out making sure bars aren't over crowed and everyone is behaving themselves.

"And the patrons kind of like the fact that the officers, the uniform officers go in each and every bar. It gives them a sense of security," he says.

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