Teenager charged with driving into Brookville Post Office

BROOKVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Police in Brookville, Indiana have charged a 19-year-old with leaving the scene of a property damage accident after a car drove into the Brookville Post Office, then drove back out.

Ryan Meyung was at a nearby restaurant when he heard a car revving its engine and squealing it's tires, then he heard what he thought might be a tire popping.  He went to the scene on Main Street and shot cellular phone video of an older Chevrolet Camaro gunning its engine and backing out of the building, with lots of sounds of crashing metal.

Meyung says police were able to follow a trial of gouges in the roadway to find the car abandoned a couple blocks away on Butler Street.  Police say someone on Butler Street saw two men fleeing after parking the black 1994 Camaro, and knew who the driver was, leading to the arrest.

The Brookville Police have charged 19-year-old Tony Burnett Jr. of nearby Laurel, Indiana with leaving the scene.

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