Two companies end their friendly war of words

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - Two companies known for their pumpkin pies this time of year have settled their war of words.

This year, it began with a phrase from Frisch's Big Boy "You had me at hello" placed on a billboard placed directly above the historic Busken Bakery at 2675 Madison Road in Hyde Park.

In response, Dan Busken, CEO of Busken Bakery said "Our pumpkin pie isn't interested in dating Big Boy's pumpkin pie, Sorry Big Boy, this pumpkin's taken." This compelled Busken Bakery to make the sign "Sorry Big Boy, this pumpkin's taken."

Which prompted Frisch's Big Boy to respond, "Oh, sorry for being so fresh."

But Busken Bakery has settled the pie war saying "Let's just be friends."

This year was the second round of the friendly war of words. In November of 2010, Frisch's Big Boy picked the same billboard with the message, "Hello pumpkin," to which Busken Bakery replied "That's Mr. Pumpkin to you Big Boy."

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