Locally owned stores set for Small Business Saturday

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Small businesses will be opening their doors Saturday morning, for what should be a much calmer day of shopping compared to Black Friday. But small business owners are hoping for a big day.

"We got the store stocked," said Miles Altman, owner of King Arthur's Court Toys. "We have a lot of specials going on besides our sale and we'll be open for business at 10 o'clock."

Everything at King Arthur's Court Toys in Oakley is 15-percent off on Saturday.

"When we run a sale, we usually run a store-wide sale as opposed to all the coupons and specials you see on all the ads with one specific item," said Altman.

Small business owners say they can't afford advertising on TV or the radio for the holidays, but many owners get creative.

Tony Jagoditz owner of Head Over Heels in Hyde Park has been playing Santa for 30 years. He says his business may not be able to offer the deals like large department stores but his business offers something else.

"We offer service, quality products at a good price," said Jagoditz.

Small business owners say the most important reason to shop locally is because the money stays in the community. In fact, 68-cents for every dollar spent.

"That money goes back into wages, donations and to charity," said Altman.

At a mass store 43-cents for every dollar spent goes back to the community, and for online sales the local community see's very little of the that money.

"Shopping local is probably one of the strongest things anybody can do to help their neighbor," said Altman.

Most of the shops in Hyde Park and Oakley open at 10 o'clock Saturday morning.

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