Mother's plea for missing son with Asperger's syndrome

PIERCE TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A Clermont county woman is asking for the public's help in finding her son who ran away late Monday night.

Ian Hall, 17, has Asperger's Syndrome and left home his Pierce Township home on foot without his medication or his ID and he has no money. Ian's mother, Nancy Hall, says her son is a frequent hitchhiker but doesn't recognize dangerous situations.

Nancy says she believes her son ran away because he was worried about an upcoming court date for a probation violation which could send him back to juvenile detention.

"That's really rough, especially for a kiddo with Asperger's who has to process so much anyway. I think his biggest fear is that if he went back he probably wouldn't get out again."

Ian Hall has been on probation for marijuana possession, but got into more trouble when he assaulted his parents. He's now wanted in Clermont County for that probation violation.

Ian's mother says she's sick with worry. "We went through Thanksgiving without him and it wasn't a very thankful day," she says. "We just want Ian to know that it's OK to come home and that we want him to come home and that we will help him get through everything because he'll have his family around him."

Friends and family of Ian have placed notices on Facebook and even strangers have searched for him.  Ian's mother says he could be anywhere.

"If he's here, someone's got him pretty far underground. But nobody knows where he is, [and] it's a pretty small town...which leads me to that next step of....he may not even be here anymore."

Ian Hall is tall and lanky, 6-foot 3-inches tall with blonde hair and green eyes.  Anyone with information on Ian's whereabouts are urged to call the Pierce Township police at (513) 752-4100.

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