Results certified for Edgewood school board race

EDGEWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Results for the Edgewood City School Board race have been certified after a recount by the Butler County Board of Elections and the Preble County Board of Elections.

In Butler County, a recount was held Thursday after the Board of Elections randomly selected whole precincts whose vote totals for the race equal at least five percent of the total votes cast for that race. The ballots from these precincts were then hand counted.

The recount is for the second seat on the school board between Richard Hurchanik and Tom Oligee. In Butler County, Hurchanik received 1,552 votes and Oligee received 1,553. The hand counted recount revealed the same results.

In an overlapping precinct in Preble County, Hurchanik received 10 votes and Oligee three. The recount revealed the same results, meaning Hurchanik is the winner.

Both candidates say this is an example that every vote counts.

"It doesn't take that many more votes one way or the other to make a difference," said Hurchanik.

"Personal friends, family, they come to you after and say I didn't vote because," said Oligee. "That is the part that bothers you because every vote matters."

Amy Ashcraft won the first seat of the race with a total of 2,323 votes.

A recount must be ordered if the difference between votes cast for the declared winning nominee or candidate and the declared losing nominee or candidate is equal to or less than one half of one percent of the total votes cast in the contest.

In the Edgewood School Board race, a total of 6,347 votes were cast.

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