2011 now on record as wettest in Cincinnati

(FOX19) - The 2011 calendar year is now the wettest year on record in Cincinnati.

The previous record as 65.18 inches in 1847. We surpassed that total early Monday morning.

Official records began Nov. 1, 1870 so the first full year of official rainfall data is 1871. But in Cincinnati, fragmentary weather records go way back, all the way to the late 1780s at Fort Washington.

For years weather researchers have doubted the 1847 total but that year on Dec. 9 and 10 the north fork of the Licking River was as much as 10 feet higher than ever known and that month the Ohio River crested close to 62' in Cincinnati. These events lend credibility to the measurement of 65.18" of rain in 1847.

Monthly and yearly rainfall totals go back to 1835. They may go back farther but no older reliable rainfall records have been found.

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