St. Xavier hosts The Lima Company Memorial

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - The Lima Company Memorial: The Eyes of Freedom is open for public viewing in the chapel area at St. Xavier High School.

This traveling exhibit pays tribute to the Marines of Lima Company, one of the hardest-hit units in the war on terror.

Among the casualties of the Company were St. X graduates David Kreuter and Michel Cifuentes, who died in August 2005 when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Iraq.

"This is a powerful, touching exhibit and it's exciting for us to have a chance to host it this week," said Mark Motz, St. X director of communications. "(David and Michael) went halfway around the world as men for others in the service of freedom. It's fitting this memorial paying tribute to their ultimate sacrifice comes here."

Pat Murray, Kreuter's mother, approached the school about hosting the memorial. The high school offers prayers for deceased members of the St. X family during the month of November and thought it was the perfect time to host the exhibit.

"With All Saints Day and All Souls Day to begin the month, we have a focus on the men and women of the St. X community who have gone before us," Motz said. "We pray for all of them and for their families, that they may find peace and rest."

The Lima Company Memorial can be viewed by the school community and the public during school hours this week until Friday, December 2 at 2 p.m.

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