Middletown City Council to vote on firefighting cuts

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown City Council will vote Tuesday on budget cuts that will close a fire station and eliminate nine firefighter positions.

If the cuts go through, that will mean three less firefighters on duty each day.

Middletown firefighters say that many people they have talked to are against the cuts but city council has decided to remove citizen comments from tomorrow's agenda.

"They've tried to quiet it down, similar to Governor Kasich during SB5 and locking members out of the statehouse," said Chris Klug, Middletown Fire Department spokesperson. "Pretty much taking away the constitutional right of hearing people's voice."

Council members say that out of a 30 million dollar budget, more than 22 million goes to police and fire. They say to balance the budget cuts have to be made.

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