Volunteers Help Woman Find Father's Grave

Charles Edward Simpson was a World War ll veteran. Heavy equipment operator. And Dorothea Simpson's father.

"He was a quite, calm, gentle man," she said.

When Charles died in 1990, he was buried at the Wesleyan Cemetery in Cincinnati. It's a cemetery haunted by greed and sacrilege. The owner, Robert Merkle, did 18 months in prison for stealing nearly $100,000. Money set aside to maintain the sacred grounds.

Merkle was released last November. But the after-shocks of poor upkeep and records are still felt.

"I go out to the spot where the grave marker is supposed ot be located and I couldn't find it."

Unable to locate people to help find her father's grave site, Dorothea called FOX 19.

"It was like where to I go from here," she told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Sussi investigated and was able to find the general area where Charles Simpson was buried. But because of the poor condition of this cemetery was unable to find his marker. That's when FOX 19  turned to Debbie Redmon. Debbie is a president of Friends of Wesleyan Cemetery. A group of volunteers who helps maintain these grounds.

"Some people have relatives buried here who have no idea where they're at," she said. "If we can help we will. But we're not always able to help."

This time, Debbie was able to help us find the missing grave. Now it was time to share the news with Dorothea.

"Oh, thank you," said Dorothea after Sussi led her to Charles Simpson's grave. "Now I can come here and visit whenever I want."

If you're interested in helping the Friends of Wesleyan Cemetery, call (513) 542-4103.