Report: Ohio drivers among nation's best, Kentucky among worst

SEATTLE, WA (FOX19) - A new research report by has ranked all fifty states on several statistics and has found that Ohio drivers are among the best in the nation, and Kentucky drivers are among the worst.

The report gathered information from the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration, the National Motorist's Association, and Governor's Highway Safety Administration on five key metrics: fatalities per million miles driven, number of moving violation tickets issued, drunken driving citations and convictions, number of tickets issued for failure to obey traffic signals, and ranking on careless driving.  Each state was ranked on each criteria, with 1 being the best and 50 being the worst.  Then each state had its rankings added to give it an overall score.

Louisiana was ranked as having the worst drivers, followed by Missouri, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona and Kentucky.

On the flip side, Rhode Island was ranked as the safest state, then Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Hampshire, Oregon, Maine, Illinois, Nebraska and Ohio.

Indiana was ranked as the 31st worst state.

The full report, including the ranking for all 50 states, can be found by clicking here.

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