Is CVG partially to blame for Chiquita's move to Charlotte?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Moving operations from one city to another is an age old practice in business around the world and the experts says Chiquita's decision to move to Charlotte, NC should have been expected.

FOX19's financial analyst Nathan Bachrach says he puts part of the blame on Cincinnati's airport.

"Chiquita is probably indicative of two problems in this area, one is the economy is not doing well and two we've got a lousy airport," said Bachrach.

The airport had once boasted more than 700 flights a day which FOX19's aviation expert Jay Ratliff says helped attract a number of businesses to Cincinnati.

"Many of them were citing the fact that they had dozens of people on their sales force and the ability to put those individuals on non-stop flights and get them to their destinations within a couple of hours made sense," said Ratliff. 

Now with far fewer flights out of CVG, Ratliff says its making it tougher for international businesses to stay in town.

"When the flight reductions at CVG were taking place, we knew we would be looking at the possibility of losing some of the businesses that are in Cincinnati that count on the ability to dispatch some of their sales team as quickly as possible."
Bachrach says Charlotte's success in luring Chiquita is just a sign of the times.
"Every city in America is going to sit down and say who can we get to come here and what incentives will it take to get them so you're going to start to see a war going on to compete for tax paying businesses."

Bachrach says there's probably a good reason Chiquita didn't announce the decision to move until now.

"Interestingly enough though they didn't do this until Carl Lindner was gone. He's the one who brought them here. You have to wonder, with all due respect to him they waited until after he was gone."

FOX19 reached out to CVG officials, but they have declined comment for now. CVG did announce on Tuesday that Delta is adding more flights to and from the airport at the request of local businesses.
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