USPS Cincinnati distribution center on the chopping block

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Processing and Distribution Center at 1591 Dalton Ave. is on the road to close after a feasibility study found it would save operational costs to transfer processing through Louisville, Columbus and/or Indianapolis.

The proposed annual savings in the draft study are approximately more than $37 million.

"This is simply hard facts of our economy and the diversion of mail to the electronic media," says USPS spokesperson David Van Allen.

The results of the study were released Tuesday night in front of a packed crowd of more than 600 postal workers, including 21 year career veteran Bob Geiman.

Geiman, 58, does not like the idea of having to move to Louisville to be closer to work.

"It's going to change my life a lot, right now I drive 15 miles to work each way. If it was Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis, it almost becomes impossible," says Geiman.

USPS says about 400 workers will lose their jobs but American Postal Workers Union President Michael Funk says more than 1,100 work in the distribution center and everyone's job is on the line.

"It will be an effect in the entire community and everybody that lives in the metropolitan service area, 2.2 million people and Cincinnati will be affected one way or another," says Funk.

Sending a letter from Cincinnati will now move through one of the three distribution centers before making its way back to Cincinnati for delivery, a round about way but something USPS says will save money.

"Instead of just processing mail for about six hours a day, six to eight hours a day, they'll be processing mail for 20 hours a day so it actually is a better utilization of our network," says Van Allen.

The added mileage however will be felt in your mailbox.

"Everything is going to be delayed by one or two days, the effects throughout the community, the loss of city taxes, sales taxes, first dollar income, it's going to be detrimental to the entire community," says Funk.

The public now has 15 days to submit a comment to: Manager, Consumer and Industry Contact Cincinnati District 1591 Dalton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45234-9631.

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