Officials warn of high accident areas in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, OH (FOX19) - The City of Montgomery Police Department asks you to use caution on the North bound 1-71 ramp to East bound I-275 and on the West bound I-275 to South bound I-71 as these locations have been the site of multiple accidents.

Police say the number one problem in the area is drivers not following the posted speed signs for the curves on these ramps.

"I think the curve sneaks up on people quicker than they think, I don't think they pay attention to the signage that's there, all the ramps have the suggested speed for a reason," said Sgt. Greg Harris, Montgomery Police Department.

The North bound 1-71 ramp to East bound I-275 and on the West bound I-275 to South bound I-71 ramps in Montgomery are high incident sites that drivers should be aware of and slow their approach around the curves and use caution when emergency personnel are on scene. In just the last two weeks, emergency personnel have responded to 43 incidents in just these two locations.

When accidents occur, the police often have to close the ramp causing traffic delays for these interstates with heavy traffic volumes. "It's usually too dangerous to keep it open when you have a car disabled in the ramp, the ramps are blind curves, so you can't keep the safety personnel safe at the scene, and the rest of the motoring public safe by having cars try to go through," Harris said.

The City of Montgomery is working with ODOT to find solutions to address the high occurrence of accidents on these two ramps where accident numbers are significant but meanwhile, we ask all drivers to be aware of their speed and use caution at these two locations specifically. Police are also asking drivers to make sure their vehicles are ready for winter. That includes checking tire tread and air pressure.

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