New businesses flock to West Chester's Uptown


This week West Chester Township announced that Fresh Market store is expected to build a new location at the Midland Atlantic Voice of America Center -- it's just one of many businesses setting up shop in the Uptown area of the township.
"I was looking for a location to open up Kalamatas; this was a booming area, up and coming," said John Hanna, owner of Kalamatas Greek Grill which just opened three months ago.
The business is making the most of their central location in Uptown, near the border of West Chester and Mason, with coveted access to the Interstate.
"Just coming right off the interstate, the exit is right here to plaza, Voice of America is well known in the area, and also the Hospital across the street brings in a lot of new business for us," Hanna said. 
Location was also what drew the Aveda Fredric's Institute to make a nearly $2 million investment in moving their cosmetology and etiology training facility from Hyde Park to  Uptown West Chester.
"With I-75, we bring a lot of students down from the north, so it makes it a lot more accessible, as well as many, many students from the West Chester, Mason, Fairfield area in addition," said owner Fredric Holzberger.
So far, three new business have opened in Uptown this fall, and Fresh Market is slated to open a 20,500 square foot store in the fall of next year.
"Since the opening of West Chester Hospital, and of course the opening of the Liberty Way interchange off of I-75, that's really helped to drive some business here," said Barb Wilson, of West Chester Township.
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