Senator Brown wants all NFL blackouts lifted

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bengals fans have not been able to watch their favorite team play at home this season due to blackouts. But Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is trying to change that.

The senator wants the government to get involved and change a 40 year old rule regarding the broadcasting of some NFL games.

"One game this year, basically, only the Steelers is sold out. It means that taxpayers who are paying for the stadium, paying for the upkeep, don't even get to see the home football game, in Dayton, in Cincinnati, across the river in Kentucky. And its just not fair," said Brown.

Broadcasters that have a signal hitting any area within a 75 mile radius of an NFL stadium can only broadcast a game under two conditions -  a road game; the game sells out at least 72 hours prior to kickoff.

In a statement released by the Bengals, the team said, "The rule is a product of federal law. The Bengals have no individual say on it."

But Brown disagrees saying the team can lower ticket prices so sellouts are easier to come by. The Ohio Senator is petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to change its rule which went into effect in 1973.

"Cincinnati fans have not been treated well either by the NFL or by the FCC and we want to see this change," said Brown.

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