Fire victims lose more than a RV, lose memorabilia

ROSS TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - When nearly a half dozen RVs went up in flames in Ross Township early Monday morning, it was more than just a vehicle going up in smoke. People lost memories and valuable possessions . Now the victims of this fire want the people responsible behind bars.

"Sure does hurt, plus all the memorabilia that you have inside of it," said Jeff Thien, RV owner.

Thien said he lost a set of grilling utensils that were a gift from a friend, along with tea-kettle that was given to his wife by her grandmother.

"Her grandma had gotten it for our 25th wedding anniversary," said Thien. "We had it in there and used it. It wasn't worth a whole lot."

Steve Preston's RV was also completely lost in the fire. He and his wife have been traveling for years.

"We went to Key West in it," said Preston. "We've been down there a few times and we got married down there."

Preston says he had a collection of hats from all over the country inside the RV along with travel books. Now only a few pages remain.

"This is uncalled for, this could have been someone's house, it was our second home," said Preston. "But this could have been someone's house and to do something like this is vicious, just a vicious thing to do."

While the victims sift through what is left of their RVs, they want the people responsible caught and locked up for a long time.

There is a $5,000 reward for anyone with valuable information that leads to an arrest in this case.

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