Mostly Democratic city council promises changes

Cincinnati City Council has less than a month to reach an agreement on next year's budget, which means nearly $34 million in cuts. Any budget cuts will be made by city council which is now largely made up of Democrats.

Caleb Faux, Executive Director of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, says he's looking forward to the change.

"Cincinnati politics and the city for the past four years have been marked by essentially a stalemate between by two political factions who couldn't agree on much of anything," said Faux.

Faux predicts that kind of gridlock is over.

"Now that we no longer have that stalemate we will be able to make decisions and move forward as a city," he said.

However, the city faces a budget deficit that could mean layoffs of police and firefighters.

Recent projections paint a rosier budget picture, but the lone Republican on council, Charlie Winburn, says other departments could face cuts.

"If we got a budget deficit then we got to find money in the administration...we got to cut department heads and division heads to make sure that police and fire are strong," said Winburn.

That's a message Matt Alter with Firefighter's Local 48 wants to hear.

"We are supportive of any city council member who supports fire fighters," said Alter.

Meanwhile, Hamilton County Republican Party Chair Alex Triantafilou says he has misgivings about the new council.

"Moving our city forward will require some fiscal discipline and I'm concerned this council may not demonstrate that," he says.

Hamilton County Republicans say they're looking forward to 2014 when they'll have another chance a retaking city council.

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