City manager's budget recommendations include no layoffs

City manager Milton Dohoney
City manager Milton Dohoney

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney released his 2012 budget recommendations Friday with no layoffs.

The $1.3 billion budget includes $362.7 million for the general fund.

"The $33.6 million deficit is fully eliminated," said Dohoney.

Over the past few years, the city has faced laying off police officers and firefighters. However, Dohoney said this year, a grant is helping to fund 25 police officers and firefighters have made concessions in the way they do training in order to save money.

"This budget is balanced, it contains no general fund layoffs," said Dohoney. "There will be no closures of health clinics, no cuts to parks and recreation centers, and does not eliminate the school nurse program."

Dohoney said revenue this year was up, and more business were hiring and giving raises. He credited projects such as The Banks and the casino.

He also said the city saved money by eliminating five trash collection routes.

Dohoney did recommend the closure of two city pools - Fairview and Filson - saying 25 pools are too many for a city of Cincinnati's size.

Residents may see an increase in water and sewer fees. Dohoney said the increase will help pay for infrastructure improvements.

Dohoney was also happy to announce that the city would not have to dip into its reserve funding.

Council has until Dec. 31 to approve the budget. The new council, with seven Democrats, one Republican and one Independent, was sworn in on Thursday.

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