Oakley welcomes renovated public square and more city funding

OAKLEY, OH (FOX19) - Parking and traffic around Oakley has been somewhat of a problem over the past two years because of a streetscape renovation project, but now that the project is complete Oakley is celebrating its improved eye appeal.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Friday in Oakley Square with plenty of residents and community council officials on hand.  Gina Brenner is a member of the Oakley Community Council and is glad to see the project complete.

"Oakley's back open for business and we have some really wonderful things gong on down here and its a wonderful neighborhood. Now that it's done businesses are starting to see people coming back," she said.

Business owners like John Hutton, who runs the Blue Manatee Children's Book Store, says the neighborhood project proves Cincinnati is not all about downtown.  Hutton says, "The outlying neighborhoods are really also terrific pockets of interesting small businesses, family owned businesses and I think we all deserve some love."

Neighborhoods across Cincinnati are feeling better now that the city is doubling the amount of funding it provides to community councils and neighborhood business districts.  Hutton says that's good news.

"We really do appreciate the support of the city and I think we really add a lot to communities in terms of diversity and economic development and quality of life and we're very grateful for that."

Brenner says the funding will help community councils continue their good work.

"It's fantastic because we've found that our community council has been able to do some really wonderful things and if all the neighborhoods in Cincinnati are able to do as much as we've been able to accomplish we'll be very, very happy."

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