Confession played during testimony in Rayshawn Johnson re-sentencing

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Witness testimony continued Friday in the re-sentencing trial for Rayshawn Johnson.

During the proceedings they also played taped confessions Johnson made with police following the crime.

"Why did you do it 'Shawn?" an officer asked during one of the taped sessions.

"I don't know, I just don't know… I need help," Johnson responded.

Next, the coroner that handled the case took the stand and poured over slide after slide of injuries.

"Was it consistent with someone swinging a bat like that basically as hard as they could?" the prosecution asked the former coroner.

"Yes," Robert Pfalzgraf responded.

He says the deadly blows were to the head, but that her body showed a number of injuries as well.

"A blunt object not only struck the hands but also the left forearm causing a fracture of the left ulna," Pfalzgraf said.

The prosecution questioned if that meant she had been trying to protect herself.

"Yes, defensive wounds," Pfalzgraf answered.

After the coroner's testimony, the prosecution rested their case and the defense took over.

Their first witness Friday, Nancy Bare, is a woman who has been ministering to Johnson in jail through prayer and Bible study since the first of the year.

"I believe that Rayshawn could be used by God to make an eternal difference in the lives of young men who have turned the wrong way."

The defense worked to show Johnson is a changed man.

"Was he ever aggressive towards you?" the prosecuting attorney asked Bare.

"No," Bare responded.

"Was he ever disrespectful to you in any way?" they asked.

"No, quite the contrary," she said.

Bare then reached out to the jury to give Johnson a second chance at life.

"It would serve no purpose for him to be put to death," Bare said to the jury.

The trial will continue Monday and closing statements are expected on Tuesday.

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