Fairfield police retracing areas in search for Katelyn Markham

Katelyn Markham (Source: Fairfield Police Department)
Katelyn Markham (Source: Fairfield Police Department)
Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey sat down exclusively with FOX19 Friday afternoon, saying that the department is following up on new leads regarding missing 22-year-old Katelyn Markham, and has begun re-searching certain areas.
"Whether it takes 90 days or 900 days, we're not giving up on this case," Dickey said.
Dickey says an investigator is still assigned to Katelyn Markham's case and officers on patrol have recently been retracing areas that were searched over the summer -- taking advantage of a less dense search area with the change of season.
"We have had our patrol units looking at areas where the foliage is now dissipating, we're a heavily wooded city, and while we believe that the areas were searched very thoroughly this is just one of those times of year when we're able to go back and take another look," Dickey said.
Despite that second look, Chief Dickey says the department believes Markham is not in the Fairfield area. While tips on her whereabouts are steadily dwindling, he says leads continue trickle in from across the country, some of which investigators are following up on right now.
"Within the past week we've gotten one lead that we're looking at, and as early as two weeks ago, I got an email out of Florida with someone who provided us with some information," Dickey said.
Markham's fiance, John Carter was the last person to see her the night before she went missing, he's been active in searches led by volunteers and police say he continues to cooperate.
"When we want to talk to him, he's been available," Dickey said.
In a response to the department continuing to search, Carter told Fox19 in a statement "I am very pro searches no matter where they are, l need to have the love of my life back, I will never lose hope."
The department is once again making a plea to the public to provide any information that could help.
"We are asking the public to give us a call, no lead is too small for us to follow up on, " Dickey said.
Markham disappeared from her Fairfield townhome August 13, Texas Equusearch who spearheaded some major missing cases including that of Caylee Anthony indefinitely postponed their search in September after no major breaks.
Volunteer search teams continue to look for the missing 22-year-old on a weekly basis, a $25,000 reward is still on the table for any information that leads to her. If you have any information about Katelyn Markham contact the Fairfield Police Department at 513-829-8201.

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