Hamilton police accused of racial profiling

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Margaret Pruitt says her son Tyree Johnson was wrongfully arrested for aggravated robbery and assault and sentenced to 21 years in prison. Pruitt says her son was home at the time of the robber and was singled out by Hamilton police because he is black.

Pruitt was among several people who shared their stories of harassment and mistreatment at the hands of Hamilton police during a meeting held Saturday night at Pay Chapel A.M.E. Church.

The meeting was organized by Bishop Richard Cox, President of the Dayton chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Convention.  Cox says, "We are not going to take this unjust treatment that seems to be injustice mediated out for just us.  These problems have been ongoing in this city for years and so we're here to stand with the people in this community to let the Butler County court system know and the police department know that enough is enough."

Butler County prosecutor Mike Gmoser also attended the meeting. He says he just came to listen.

"I think its important for this community to know that their county prosecutor represents the entire county, and these fine folks need to have the awareness that their county prosecutor is listening to them," he said.

The Hamilton Police Department has not responded to our requests for comment. Meanwhile members of Hamilton's black community plan to show up en mass at the next city council meeting December 14.

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