New shelter offers hope for homeless

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The city's homeless will now have guaranteed shelter during the winter months no matter what the temperature is outside.

Beginning Monday, the new shelter located at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Race Street near Liberty will be open every night regardless of how cold it gets. Previous shelters would only open when the wind chill reached 9-degrees.

Officials say an estimated 31 people die each year of exposure to the elements in Cincinnati. Josh Spring with the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless wants to reduce that number to zero.

"We said this year its got to be different. We want to open every night regardless of temperature, regardless of weather," said Spring.

The new shelter will have extended hours, more space and offer services such as job hunting and getting utility bills up to date.

An average of 100 people are expected to use the shelter each night for the next 90 days but Spring says no matter how cold it gets, there is a warm room for anyone who needs it.

"This will take us in the State of Ohio from literally being the worst large city when it comes to cold to be one of the best," he said.

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