Middletown Police warn residents about check scams

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown Police are warning citizens about three check scams they are seeing in their community.

In one case a college student was advertising to sublease her apartment while she was in school. The scammer would agree to lease the apartment and sent her a check for $4,700. The scammer told the college student to keep $1,700 for the lease and send the rest to a mover in New York who would be moving his stuff to the apartment. By the time the college student found out the check was bad the cash had already been picked up.

In another case the victim answered a job advertisement on Craig's List. She was supposed to do secretarial work over the Internet. For her services she would receive a check for $3,000 a week. She was supposed to keep $500 and forward the rest. While she was attempting to cash the money order from Oklahoma Employees Credit Union it was discovered to be a fraudulent check.

The last case was a common method where a man was told he won the lottery and was supposed to cash a check for $450 and send the cash by Western Union to pay for the tax; then they would send his $250,000 winnings. When he went to the bank to deposit the money and get out the cash the teller explained that it was a fraud.

Only the first case was successful; however all the recipients fell for the scam. Scammers are always thinking about new twists to fool the victim into sending cash. Anytime someone asks you to wire cash through any service a red flag should go up in your mind. If you wire cash to another location the money is impossible to get back once it is picked up.

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