Butler, KY fire chief under fire

BUTLER, KY (FOX19) - People in the town of Butler, Ky. are concerned about their safety after the volunteer fire department reportedly took 15 minutes to respond to a house fire early Saturday morning that was just down the street from their building.

The fire destroyed the home and damaged two other nearby homes. No one was injured.

The Kentucky Fire Commission is expected to disband the Butler Volunteer Fire Department this week because it does not have enough trained firefighters to man a house.

But according to some residents of Butler, the fire chief, Don Willis, is to blame.

"My daughter was in it (part of the department)  and she quit and I hear of other people quitting," said resident C.J, Jordan. "I've been here going on almost seven years and this is the worst I've seen it."

Meanwhile, the mayor of Falmouth, a town 12 miles away,  stopped by the meeting and brought with him a proposal to put a Falmouth Fire Department sub-station in Butler.

"What we would love to do is rebuild this fire department to where you've got 20-30 people and turn it back over to you. We have no desire to take anything away from anybody. We're kind of in the position right now where we feel like we can help," said mayor Mark Hart.

Some residents don't want Willis to be a part of it. Willis was not present at the council meeting and has yet to return our calls or emails.

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