Covington asks the public for input on riverfront development

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The city of Covington is trying to get a jump on its riverfront development.

Monday night city hall hosted a public meeting to get input from the community on what they would like to see on the waterfront.

"We certainly would like to complement the significant improvements the city of Cincinnati has made on the north side of the river," says Jackson Kinney.

Kinney is the city's Director of Community Development, he says Covington is looking to places like Cincinnati, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to see how they built up their riverfronts to be more people friendly.

The city is open to two types of development including water-based businesses like B&B Riverboats in Newport and land-based developments like Montgomery Inn near Sawyer Point.

"This isn't something that's going to happen overnight, the city is going to have to look to federal sources, to state sources and of course the local community is going to have to look at what it can do," says Kinney.

Small business owners say the city already has a great location but a better riverfront would attract more potential customers.

Richard Hunt owns and operates Roebling Point Bookstore on the corner of Greenup and 3rd in the historic Licking Riverside district of Covington. Hunt says many people find his store while walking around the city.

"I think the neighborhood is the destination. It's not so much the store but while they're here this is one of the things that sort of adds to their experience," says Hunt.

An experience the bookstore hopes will include more room to walk and run around the riverfront therefore increasing the foot traffic.

"Just the green spaces around here is actually just as important to us as the bookstore," says Hunt.

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